Picture Proof

Comparing your life to someone else's can be rather depressing. Each one if us possess the tools to find flaws in ourselves and our circumstances. Just last night, the topic of "perfect" houses came up during Bible study. It's not too difficult to feel inferior when your BS host home is so lovely. (Amy, we love you & your gorgeous house).

Each week we visit together it feels a little like an escape. At least it does for me. At home, I see DIY projects galore and piles of "stuff" stacked here & there that need to be put away or gotten rid of completely. This disorganization can be a real drag. After talking about this subject last night I found that I'm not the only one. My friends felt the same way.


The confessions were flying. The disappointment of what each of us WISHED our houses looked like reminded me of how dangerous comparison is to our joy & happiness. It can totally debilitate us and rob us of our peace.

I told the ladies I would post some true pics of areas in my house that overwhelm me and paralyze my contentment.


Meet the kitchen bar. It's a drop off lay it down and forget it kind of area. It causes my head to spin.

This is a snap of my pretend closet and it puts my brain in a tizzy. I can't find anything and it frustrates me to no end. Hate it!


And the cherry on top? My hubby's side of the bed. Just what do all those cords and plugs go to? Who knows. All I see is a jumbled mess that feels like a cord around my neck. Squeezing tight.

As I listened to stories of how embarrassed my friends felt about the state of their homes…I remembered a kind word from a seminary professors wife from years gone by. She told the group of young moms that were sitting under her tutelage that day that people who visit your house are NOT going to remember how messy or how crummy your furniture is but they will remember HOW you made them feel while they were there.


Let's face it, everyone can't live in a brand new perfectly clean house. But that doesn't make it right for us to live in misery & shame. God has blessed us with a home and while it may not be perfect it's ours and He expects us to use it to bless others.


Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.
Hebrews 13:2

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