Things I’ve Said

It's Friday. I love Friday. Even when I have to deal with the real world and work.

I have to watch what I say when I'm tempted to "be real" with other people's children.  See why I surround myself with scripture?  I'm janked up and I know it!

Just today I have heard myself say–

"Get AWAY from that door!"
This to some rascals who went past the line at lunch and were "hanging" onto the doors to the parking lot!

"Where's your book?"
This to a kid I sent to the hall to work in his book. He was happy to just sit out there and rest. Geez!

"Go to the end of the line!"
This to a group of butt-ers who literally stood there looking at me as if I were speaking Greek.

"Do you speak English?"
Same group. They finally went to the end if the line!

"Don't touch my face!"
This to a silly kid who likes to sneak up behind me and cover my eyes. With his grubby dude hands. Blech!

"Zip it with language dudes!"
This to some real cool dudes who find it totally appropriate to curse as loud as they can. Grrr!

"Bring back my stool!"
This to some rotten jokesters who think it's funny to hide my stool.

"Let me see inside your lip!"
This to a kid who was caught spitting on the floor behind a vent.

See how outlandish some of the stuff we (I) say sounds?

Good thing it's finally the weekend, right?

Thank you for the ability to laugh at the silly parts of life. Sometimes life is stressful and frustrating. Finding the funny can make everything better.

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