Things I Can’t Change

The longer I walk this path of life the wiser I become (or so I think, anyway).  No, really.  I learn new things every single day.  Maybe you do too.  No matter how I try to make sense of some things they never completely satisfy my ability to reason them out.  So, I thought it fitting to admit a few things I CAN'T CHANGE and don't worry….you probably can't either.

CRAZY DRIVERS — I have what should be a 4-5 minute commute to work.  Literally, I live right around the corner from my school yet it takes me 15 minutes at least to get to school every morning.  Why?  Because the people I share the road with are crazy!

I can't change it…

PMS — When I least expect it this little devil shows up.  Usually I realize it after I've deeply wounded someone I love or after I've spoken something rather inappropriate to a complete stranger.  I bring a whole new level of WATCH OUT to stranger danger!  Why my body resorts to such punishment to me personally and to those in my path….I'll never know.

I can't change it…

OTHER PEOPLE'S BEHAVIOR — I like to think "treating other's like you'd like to be treated" works but sometimes it just doesn't cut it.  People are human (me included) and sometimes they mistreat others (see PMS above).   Believe it or not, everyone comes across a person here & there that just doesn't like them.  No matter how I try I can't make someone else behave in a nice way.  It's up to them.

I can't change it…

MY PAST — I look back and see mistakes.  I also look back and see victory because JESUS stepped in and took ahold of my heart.  While living with regret could stagnate my future, JESUS makes sure (through HIS HOLY redemption) that I have an amazing future ahead.  He can clean up a multitude of sins and I'm forever grateful because…

I can't change it…

HIS LOVE FOR ME —  I can't ever love me like He can.  I'm amazed every single day that He thinks so highly of me especially when I can wallow in the pit of self pity at the drop of a hat.  God's love is truly everlasting!  I don't ever want to change that.  Do you?

Life is full of things that we can't change.  The way I see it is GET OVER IT!

I have no power to change it so why let it debilitate me. God has a perfect plan whether it be a hold up in traffic or a kicking case of PMS. He sees me and He loves me ( you too ).

I’m so glad I can’t change some things. I know that I can trust you… With everything. Help me take heed when I step out of your will and to make the change needed to be right with you.



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