Remembering Boston

By now the whole country knows about the horrible bombings at the Boston Marathon.  I still shake my head just thinking of it.  What is our world coming to?  How much crazier can it get?  I can't imagine the confusion felt by the innocent people who were there to either run or celebrate a loved one as they ran in one of the biggest races of all time.


I didn't have a friend or relative there but I know people who did and I can't wrap my brain around the fear that must've gripped their hearts.  No one wants to believe something so awful could happen.  It's simply not a normal part of our thinking.  Who hurts people…..on purpose?

I'll tell you.  Satan.  He lurks all around us.  He influences those who are willing to be used to do his evil deeds.  Sadly, there are many standing in line for the job.  But satan doesn't have final rule.  His wicked reach only goes so far.

Our God lives!

If you've ever doubted….let this tragic day be a reminder that Jesus is King and HE needs us to spread love not hate.  He is counting on us to share truth and to be salt in a world gone mad.  Our prayers matter.  Every tear counts and he keeps them in a bottle.  Pray.  Love.  Reach out to hurting people around you.  What man intends for evil……God plans for good (Gen. 50:20).


This world is not our home.  Forgive me for the times that I get comfortable here and forget.  I'm an alien in a fallen & broken world.  Wrap the hurting people from Boston in your mighty hands and help them.  Bring healing to them all.



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