Happy Place


Meet my happy place. It’s where I do my best thinking. In just a few short weeks I’ll be sitting right here solving all the world problems I can handle.

Nice, huh?


My little buddy & I practiced a bit this weekend. So far so good! How do you like my seat cushion? My girls bought it for me at the farm store. It’s too pretty to come from a place that smells like poopy baby chick troughs but it did. I splurged myself and bought the two cute pillows from Ikea…

See, happy place!

I did a little of this over the weekend as well. Felt great! I’m all about taking it easy these days.

I enjoyed watching my hubby work in the yard too. He actually strained his back he worked so hard. Look how much he accomplished on the outside staircase (that seems to never end)!

Soon he’ll be at the top. Woohoo!

I feel it’s my duty to tell you this today because Monday’s are a challenge. Make the most of it. Live loud, proud & be happy. Then spread it all over everyone in your way.

Teach them to find their own happy place!

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