Pushy Moms

Have you ever wished your kids were something or someone they're not?  

i am flawed

Do you think they know?

build your kids 

God has entrusted each of us as parents to love & care for our children.  What we say to them and about them fills their hearts and minds. 

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I'm still reminded on a daily basis how important my influence is regarding my children.  I have power.  I can bring about positive or negative with just a few words.  I don't want to waste a single second that God gives me to make an impact on them.

I can't hide the kind of mom I've been to my own kids.  I've wished for them and spoken my dreams outloud many times never thinking through the pressure that I was undoubtedly pouring over their heads.

How can we be the parents our kids need us to be? 

Be quiet.  I have the gift of swooping in with my "good intentions" and "advice" when my kids get too close to the edge.  While there may be an appropriate time for that sort of help it isn't necessary for every incident. So, shhh!

Be wise.  I'm also good at trying to intervene in my kids issues WITH MY HAIR ON FIRE!  My response can either make the situation better or worse.  Kids crave consistency especially when it comes to a plan of attack.  Gentle & wise advice will give them the tools for coping in a world that seems to be getting crazier by the minute.

Be positive.  I was trained to find fault in others.  That's not a joke. Instead of giving others the benefit of the doubt, my own mother assumed everyone was guilty of something one way or another.  I unfortunately had some of that spilled onto me and every once in a while….catch myself wallowing in the negative mud.  Kids don't need that from their parents.  Keep it positive & let them know you believe in them….especially when they fail.

Be Godly.  I've said it before and I'll say it again….I can hide who I REALLY AM to everyone I meet, but my kids will always know the truth.  I never want to be seen as wonderful to others and as a fraud to my kids.  The way I respond, the words I choose to use and the heart behind it all will be the greatest influence whether positive or not for my kids.


Forgive me for being too pushy when dealing with my kids.  Help me to let them choose their own path in life and remind me when I cross the line.  I just want to be the best mom I can be because I know that's what you want for me to.



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