I’m really psyched because my hubby & I PRE-ORDERED Jon Acuff’s new book and it just arrived this week. It’s called Start. Punch Fear in the Face. It’s all about being more awesome and let me tell ya…I surely need some of that! Don’t you?


I can’t wait to read myself into total awesomeness this weekend. That’s about all I have planned since my hubby will be busy moving his office at work to the new office in another town. I hate moving but I’m always up for a fresh start. So, the next big thing on our agenda?

Sell our house and move closer to the new office. No pressure…yet. No one is forcing us to make any move. It would simply make life much easier to live closer to work, church & school for our college girls. Plus save money!!

I’ll keep you informed in the meantime. First, I have to get Started.

Happy weekend!


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