Permission to Fail

It’s state test time here in Indiana which means lots of pressure on students and staff in the land of education. The state requires high school students to pass this test in order to graduate. So perhaps you can imagine the intensity of emotions…

I count myself very blessed to have kids that not only passed but excelled above the expected scores. They’re smart (like their dad)!

I’ve been thinking about failing lately. Not state tests but regular old life stuff. The things everyone around you pressures you to succeed at whether its important or not. Who cares? What difference does it make in the big picture HOW anyone gets to their dream? The path God has for me (or my children) may not look like yours. And that’s okay!

So, if you are struggling yourself or having a tough time watching your kids scraggle along life’s path… I’m happy to tell you to step back. You have permission to fail and so do they.

Sometimes just knowing the world isn’t going to come crashing down on your head can make all the difference. Success doesn’t look the same for everyone. Especially in the real world!




Happy Monday peeps! Only 3 more Monday mornings for me. Not that I’m counting… Hehe

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