Showing Honor

It's the end of the school year and with that comes a slew of recognitions.  Students, of course, for all their hard work and accomplishments.  Great teachers who have influenced and worked alongside them everyday and even those who are retiring from a lifetime of service.  All of them, very deserving and worth honoring.  I see the hardwork and I understand the comittment it takes to do such a job as education.  I thank God for the many teachers who invested in my own children throughout school. 

Teachers are amazing!

I read a Facebook status today from a co-worker that pointed out how important it is to recognize the many who make school great behind the scenes.  She wasn't complaining or pointing fingers.  Her words were kind and her tone loving.  But her message powerful!  There are many little people who do jobs around schools that never get noticed.  I know this….very well.

I'm not jumping on a soapbox and I'm not taking her post to the extreme.  I simply agree.  I see the dedication it takes to make the education environment run smoothly.  I know aides who go the extra mile (even though they make peanuts compared to the teachers), I recognize how important janitors are (gosh, how I love it when they make the A/C work or clean up an accident), I enjoy seeing the smiles of a happy secretary (who is helpful too) and I get a kick out of the little ways the lunchroom ladies hide my favorite cookie for me or others (just because they KNOW what we like).  These people are important!  They are the glue that holds the place together and they never get a big shout out.

So, in honor of school coming to a close….

GOD BLESS THOSE WHO SERVE IN EDUCATION!  The crossing guards, janitors, caretaker aides, nurses, office staff, classroom aides, special ed assistants, lunchroom ladies, maintenance guys & gals, and the SUBSTITUTES!

YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE and everyone notices what you do EVERYDAY to make school great!

I hope your summer is as amazing as you!

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