Where To Stick Resentment

Ever have one of those days….the kind that push you in a corner?  That make you feel frustrated and put out?  It's probably safe to say that we all do.  Life can be great and then turn cruddy with the speed of a Nascar driver.  The battle to keep resentful emotions at bay can be tough.  I know from experience.

So what can we do?

RECOGNIZE  — Life isn't really just out to get us.  It can seem like it is sometimes but it's not.  Stuff happens; husbands work too much, kids disrespect, bills get paid twice and you lose your prized possessions when you need them the most.  Recognize that those moments are just moments.  They do not represent all that life has to offer.  GOOD STUFF HAPPENS TOO!

REGROUP  —  It's so tempting to get even or lash out when you're feeling resentful.  Stop and take a moment to regroup mentally & emotionally.  Nothing is more harmful to relationships than over-reacting to a situation that just can't be helped.  GET IT TOGETHER!

REMIND  —  How easy it is to forget the BIG PICTURE!  Life is short.  Really short.  Don't waste time fretting over silly stuff that can't be changed.  Go with it.  Sometimes the stuff we feel resentful over is just what God is using to mold us & shape us….or better yet, it's something that He has a greater plan in mind and we're going to miss it if we don't get over ourselves!  BE HAPPY ANYWAY!

I was tempted to be a total baby on my blog today and whine about how frustrated I was with a "situation".  God said, "NOPE!".  Look for the blessings.  So, I did and you know what?  I feel so grateful for the way things are RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!


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