You Want Your Money?

I just hung up the phone and cried.  I blame it on the PMS.  But nevertheless, life can be frustrating!  It can happen to the best of us, this much I know.  

Handling jerky people on the phone must be an artform that I haven't mastered yet.  Since I'm way past 40…I'm not sure I ever will either.  Still, I'm mad enough to flip my lid and that's kind of what I told the rude lady on the other end of the line.  Her answer?  Well, don't do that!  Grrrrrr!

Did you know….that a child living in your house that you pay to support because THEY ARE A DANG KID and still in school has to GIVE YOU permission to handle any of their business?  Like paying a medical bill?  No, really.  Did you know this?  All because she has turned 18!!  Let me throw in that she is a kid who doesn't have a job (she's in high school) and doesn't pay a single bill.  Especially a medical bill.


I imagine this sounds like I'm overreacting.  I can't help it.  Who creates these crazy rules?  Seriously!  I have to hand over every single record of proof of my income for my young adult kids to attend college and recieve any loans or grants but I can't set up a payment plan for a lab bill for my soon to be graduating daughter?  Thank you government from heck!  Well played, geniuses!  So, my question to her was am I to ignore this bill and let her be responsible for it?  She's a kid!  A kid who doesn't pay bills because she's a kid that doesn't have a job!

There was no happy ending here.  Hence the fact that I hung up and cried.  The rules are twisted.  I have no freedom no matter which way I turn.  I can't pay a medical bill without HER PERMISSION but yet I have to be responsible for anything having to do with my 3 young adult kids college bills!


Help me not to be so naive & emotional over stupid issues.  This is just a blip in my day but it pushes my mama buttons and I can't handle such lunacy!


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