You’re a Trip

I'm on a trip.  I really needed to get away.  My whole family needed to get away.  If we don't leave town, my hubby will work…work…work!  Which is funny because I saw him deal with some email earlier today (as we were traveling) and take a phone call or two.  Even gone, he works!  🙁

He's on a mission to do himself in, I'm convinced.

Me, however….I'm looking for any escape to regroup and catch a fresh breath.  A few days in North Carolina just might be what the doctor ordered.






I can't wait to show our girls The Biltmore Estate tomorrow.  They are clearly related to me.  I could wander through historical buildings everyday and never get tired of it.  They find that sort of stuff fascinating!  I totally understand.

It's going to be a laid back week.  Lots of sightseeing and snooping around.  One word of advice though if you're traveling this summer — don't forget the toothpaste!

Between the four of us, we all packed up thinking the other had thrown in the toothpaste.  Now that it's midnight in Asheville, hubby & Ally are driving around searching for something open to buy a tube of minty Colgate.  Fingers crossed they come back soon because I'm about two blinks away from falling asleep with travel mouth cooties.

It's the cold-hard truth.  Dirty teeth can really skank up a trip!

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