Pulling Strings

I almost feel like a puppet on a string.  I'm bouncing from this to that.  The hospital is my landing ground.  I sit and I wait.  I help and I sit quietly.  Progress is being made and I can't decide if I'm being selfish by wishing something would happen faster.  Get better here or live victoriously in heaven.

Rushing to a loved one's bedside is never without complications.


Today is day 6 of my hubby & I being here.  It was grim on Tuesday & Wednesday but everyday she has shown some improvement.  I can't make sense out of medical jargon so I'm grateful for my husband's knowledge and presence.  However, he can't stay here indefinitely!  He has a job.  A demanding job that requires him to be there.  

So, something has to be decided.

I covet your prayers, for my mother and for us.  Pray that God would make clear what steps to take to move forward.  Traveling 1000 miles isn't easy and doing it repeatedly just isn't affordable.  

As a daughter….I'm feeling torn!


I'm at peace.  She's at peace.  Both of us trust your direction.  Make it clear to each of us what to do next.  Thank you for your grace and even more for your mercy.


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