Broken Smile


After being on bedside vigil almost a full week….I'm growing a bit weary.  I realized yesterday that I hadn't really smiled since getting here.  I like being happy and this whole debacle hasn't been a happy one. The circumstances have been strained to say the least. I can't even begin to describe the stuff my hubby has done.  He's holding IT ALL together.

don't worry

I know he doesn't mind helping.  But his help is beyond words to me.  He is literally a rock!  A lesson to young women (my daughters included) BE PICKY when choosing your spouse.  He may have to do things you cannot do for yourself.  Make sure he isn't a selfish person.  It will make all the difference in the final outcome.

Hubby & I stepped out into the hall yesterday to chat and while we were going over some things he noticed a friend from Indiana walking towards us.  How funny it was to see Jon, a buddy that graduated seminary with him and that our families have been friends since 1996.

God sends his love in the coolest ways.

Somehow, I have to find the state of mind to be joyful and smile again.  I'm struggling to manage the up & down emotions of all that is happening.  I need every prayer that is uttered and I thank everyone who has pounded on heaven's doors.  I'm convinced that this is what is sustaining me everyday.

I'm missing my kids and sleeping in my own bed.  Not being home reminds me how comfortable it is there.  It's like my power is drained and my charger cord only works in my own house.  That's what makes home – home, right?  Feeling safe and secure.

Home really is where the heart is.


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