Hospitals & Children

Hospitals can be a strange place.  At any given moment the environment can change.  Some spots are quiet and peaceful other's not so much.  Nurses and staff tend to be busy.  They hustle to this and rush back to that.  Their shifts are long and full of action.  I can't imagine them NOT SLEEPING WELL after working such a demanding job.  They make me feel tired just watching all that they do.  But the clientele they have to deal with must be frustrating.

I've been at the hospital enough this week to find good and bad things about it that make me never want to hang out there.  Like for fun.  Take the neighbors for example.  Since being in PCU my mother has had many "new" neighbors come and go and not all neighbors are good ones (just like out in the real world).  I understand bringing loved ones to visit and love on sick family members but little kids and many of them….not so much.  Hospitals are a place of rehabilitation and it's kind of hard to do that when you have a daycare going on all around you.

So, my advice —

If you have to bring kids to visit, make it quick.  Do what you need to do and get on about your business.  The environment of a playground makes everyone uncomfortable and it's disruptive!  I'm sympathetic to those not having babysitters but like I said….make it quick!  Hanging out all day long while your kids run, scream and jump on all the furniture isn't appropriate…..ever!  Even in emergency situations.

If you have to bring kids to visit, bring them something to do.  The running in and out of the patients room is uncalled for especially when the doors meet with the neighbors doors.  It is noisy and jarring to have the doors swing open and squealy voices and running feet come & go.  Show respect to the other sick trying to get well there.

If you have to bring kids to visit, control them.  Don't just sit there and watch them act like hooligans.  Get up and take care of them. I have literally watched a circus in action just this morning and the mother….just sat there & let them go crazy.  I'm convinced that there will be an even crazier society ahead of us than there is now because of how little parents are disciplining their kids.

I'm growing more and more weary being here.  Yesterday was a rough day filled with pain, back-ups and cruddy news.  Today, it's just chaotic and noisy so I'm not thinking logically.  Before we could even leave for the hospital hubby had to change a flat tire.  This is proving to be even more costly than I worried it would be.  Eating out and eating late is killing us both.  Long days waiting….exhausting.  

If you've ever had this experience then you know….it's costly in every way.  I'm learning the hard way how to minister to other's who might find themselves in this situation.  


It's been a rough week and I thank you for all that you've done to show your glory.  Help me to cope and to know what steps to take next.  The needs are so many….and I know you see each one.  Take care of what I certainly can't and help me be where you want me to be.  With a righteous attitude.




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