Hey Jack….Needs a Home


Having a loved one sick and in the hospital isn't just hard on the family.  It's hard on the pets.  They don't have a clue what is going on and can't figure out where their beloved master is….all the live long day.  So they sit there loyally, waiting.

My mom's dogs have been through the ringer right alongside her this year as she's battled 2 cancers and multiple hospital stays.  For them, all they know and love is gone.  Mom spoils her pups even more than I do mine (I believe).  It's been hard on her having to worry about them from hospital beds and miles away.

20130621-150958.jpgThis is Ruby.  She has a new home.

The first thing we did when we arrived (after seeing mom, of course) was to go straight to her house and see about her dog Jack.  Jack is a rescue.  He's older and has experienced a rough life before coming to live with my mom.  He's a bit guarded and doesn't bark or show out AT ALL!  He is confused and lost without mom there in the house.  It kills me to see him sitting there, waiting.

I can't take him home with me.  Believe me, I would if I could.  He doesn't stand a chance with my two spoiled dogs.  He's way too nice for those chicks.  My little Lizzy would beat him up and I'm afraid that would put him into a total freak out mode (more than he already is right now).  I'm praying hard and searching for someone to take him in.

Jack is a companion dog.  Quiet, sweet & loving.  He doesn't make a peep.  He just watches all that's going on around him from his favorite chair.  Someone needs him as much as he needs them and I just have to find them.  Quick!

I want to see that tail waggin' again.


Will you pray for Jack?  He's a special feller and will make somebody very happy.  I know it.


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