I’m Home….Sort Of

Maybe you know what I'm feeling when I say that.  I'm home in body but my mind is still back in Florida with my mom.  Even standing neck high in laundry and knee deep in stuff to clean out of the fridge….I'm worrying about my mom.

It's not easy living 1000 miles away.

It was a difficult decision to make when we had to leave on Saturday.  Her improvements and the doctor's assurance sealed the deal for us to return and try to live normal lives for a bit.  Hello, dental work for me (today) and REAL WORK for hubby, we're back!  Still, leaving was very hard.

It's just a matter of time now.  She has to either heal and get better or make a turn for the worst.  Me sitting beside her watching the hair on her legs grow won't change either course.  My choice to be pro-active and come home to my kids (who managed pretty well on their own for 12 long days) was best for them and me.

I understand all too well that much talked about stage of life that involves caring for elderly parents now.  It's a tough one!  Especially when you don't live close by.  I owe my hubby a multitude of thanks.  His willingness to do all that he's had to do in the last 2 weeks blows my mind.  I'm at a loss for words.  He is all that and a pack of crackers too.

Now's the time for me to regroup.  I don't know how much time I have before I'll have to go back.  So, making the best of each moment here in Indiana is my new norm.  Forget summer break.  I'm now on a mission to be ready.  Ready to hit the road and start all over again.

Life is certainly unpredictable.

Dear God,

Thank you for the improvements in my mom's health.  Only you know the reason she's still here with us.  Help me to handle whatever comes my way.  I'm completely at your mercy.



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