Can Mom’s Quit?

I bet I'm not the only mom to consider running away.  Some parts of being a mother are hard to handle.  Even at the stage of parenting that I'm currently in….I struggle.  I face situations that set me back and cause me to pound on heaven's doors for help.  I'm sure they're normal but sometimes I'd just rather skip any testy situations and live happily ever after.  Wouldn't you?

This past weekend was a zinger for me as a mom.  I managed to feel just about every emotion known to the human body.  At one point, I wondered if I'd ever be truly joyful again.  Sounds really serious, huh?  For me, it was.  Why is it so hard to let your kids make their own way?  I think it's partly because we know more about life and since we do…..we cling to fear.

I admit it, I worry.  I rake "what if's" over & over in my head and when I do, I feel crippling fear.  I'm not proud of that part of myself.  It makes me look like a person of tiny faith and that's not even close to who I am as a mom or child of God.  I'm confident in Christ and I know HE HOLDS THE POWER over life and death.  I can't (in my scrawny power) in any way provide another day or moment for the people I love on this earth.

Oh, but how I try!

At what point do mother's stop worrying about their kids?  I can't say.  Here I am with young adults and I think NOW is probably the time I've worried the most.  They're fully engaged with life and nothing can stop them (or so they think) not even meddling parents.  So, what is my job as a mom these days?

Here's what I THINK it is –>

Be a positive example — I see parents of kids my age posting some pretty sketchy stuff online.  Some of the behaviors are embarrassing.  Kids, even grown up ones really don't want to see their parents acting like they're in their 20's.  Grow up Mom & Dad and behave!

Lead with courage — When your kids make a decision that you know is wrong or out of character, be honest and speak up.  Sometimes kids are looking for someone to tell them NO!  Don't be afraid to be honest.  I think families end up stuck in a bad position just because parents didn't want to interfere or tell their kid NO!  Sad!  Don't put yourself in a position of  -> I should've…

Give room for mistakes — Look who's talking here.  Kids are going to goof up.  Forgive them and move forward.  Don't miss the chance to help them learn from their mistakes.  Notice:  I didn't say beat them over the head with their mistakes.  Love them through them!

Pray & pray often — I thought I prayed a lot for my kids when they were small.  I did.  But the time has come and the consequences of  life are so much riskier now that I really pray hard for each of them.  Constantly.  Who else is going to do it?

I'm living proof that mom's can be either an asset or a hinderance to their kids.  I've managed to be both over the years at some point or another.  I'm grateful that when I'm in over my head God has gently (and not so gently) pulled me up and set me back on my feet.  I used to think WHEN I get my kids raised…then I can relax.  I'm learning that being a mother is forever.

So to answer my own question… You can't just quit!


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