What’s the Cost?

I will never expect applause for doing the right thing.  I pray that I've raised my kids to think the same way.  I know that I married a man who chooses to bless without ever expecting something in return.  His ways of giving have always inspired me to be better.  My question to you today is DO YOU BELIEVE it's better to give than to receive?

I do.

I run into opportunities here and there to love on someone in a way that literally costs me nothing.  Just me giving of me.  I know that I've probably missed some along the way and for that I feel more encouraged to be aware of needs around me.  People need each other.

I've been on the need end myself.  Maybe that's why I feel so sensitive to helping others.  I know what it's like to fret or worry over an issue or a bill and I get what the stress of that can do to a person.  It can eat you alive and rob you of all your peace & patience.

My hubby and I have struggled.  Pretty much our whole marriage has been robbing Peter to pay Paul.  We had babies right away, we went back to college (talk about broke), we moved several times, we worked low paying jobs and we did it all with GOD'S NEVERENDING HELP!

Sometimes God used other people in our lives to bless us and other times He orchestrated events that helped us pull through.  Either way, WE KNOW IT WAS GOD!  We learned very early in our life that WE COULD ALWAYS TRUST HIM!

That's just what pushes me when I feel it's my turn to give or bless.  I know that if the spark to "do something" for someone is there IT IS GOD NUDGING ME TO DO WHATEVER IT COST.  He'll take care of the rest.  He's looking for my willingness to obey.

Today, God put a small need in my path.  I consider it a gift.  The last year has been so hard emotionally, financially and mentally on me.  But even in the midst of all of that….God was working and blessing me.  How could I ignore a very real need right in my face?  It was literally my turn to pass His love along.

I'll be honest….it feels way much better to give than to receive!  To hand someone something they need with no strings attached is liberating.  To know that they won't have to worry about anything because of my willingness to obey feels amazing!  And I owe all of that blessing to Christ.


I am overwhelmed at the way you bless me.  Even when struggle is my friend….you are hard at work providing me a way through.  Thank you for the blessings; hubby's new job, my job, my health, my kids health, a home and a loving family & friends.  You are the greatest example of giving.



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