Snuggle Up ButterCup

20130814-084141.jpgMy family likes to snuggle.  Can you see?

20130814-083808.jpgIt's just the way we do things.  That's why we bought a giant sofa, so we can pile up and relax.  Together.

20130814-083853.jpgSometimes, we even take pictures of our craziness.  And heck, if you can't get the camera just right…you hold it out and click it with your toes.

I'm thankful for a fun family.  I'm beyond blessed and I know that home really is where the heart is (in my world).  If you have a loving family, don't forget to play around and goof off.  Make sure to enjoy one another as often as possible.  Time can whip right by…



These are the people I love the most. They make my world go round!

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