Prayer Filing

Do you ever get caught up in the mundane parts of your job? If you're anything like me it's easy to find yourself dreading certain parts of your work. Even if it's being a mom or stay at home wife. Doing the same stuff over & over can be a real drag.

If we let it.

Today, I found myself whining about a task. Filing.


Don't feel sorry for me, it was easy mindless work. Something we all need every once in a while, right?


But, when I saw this stack…. my eyes bugged out and my "I'll never get to the bottom of these" jokers came out. Whaa whaa! Then, I got started and my whole outlook changed. With every single paper and each folder I stuck them into, I prayed. No matter the staff member. As I came across a name….I thought about that person and lifted them straight up to God. Some of them I knew situations they were going through and others I just felt needed a blessing or some Jesus love.

After I got going I realized how fast the filing job was zipping along. It was easy. Easy doing the work and super easy to think about the people I love & work with who are deep in the trenches of education.

A funny thing happens when you pray for others (with no prompting). Your heart opens up and God pours in mercy, compassion and loving emotions. I know how hard it is to be your best YOU while working. Jobs can be stressful and when you work with young people… can get challenging at times. I would welcome the prayers of a friend, any day.

Wouldn't you?

So, next time you're feeling stuck in a mindless job or like you're spinning your wheels… think outside the bun and pray for someone! You'll start a fire in your heart and spread God's love on those He brings to your mind.

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