Sick Days Go Away

I hate feeling ill.  It wrecks all my good intentions.  Especially when I've worked all week and then have to spend the weekend sick.

Just not fair!

The house is coming along great.  Two rooms (important ones at that) are painted and put back in some sort of semblance.  If I had to let a potential buyer in I wouldn't be embarrassed by the way they look.  I'd just have to throw myself in front of the door if they asked to go in my garage.  It's the "catch all" while we work on everything else.

Since we need a new roof (say that like you spend thousands of dollars all the time) we've had 3 different companies come for an estimate.  Two were depressingly high and the last one….almost made me hug the guy.  Thankfully I controlled myself because HE IS AMISH!

I'm sort of sad that I'll be leaving all the pretty new updates behind.  Not sad enough to stay though. wink  A new metal roof in a stylish color to match the house is totally perking my interest.  I can't wait to see it finished.

I'm on my own this weekend with a few of the house jobs.  Hubby is working on a project that's keeping him far away from home and our girls are going on a big weekend trip to Cincy with the bank our daughter works for.  Feeling better would surely help in my accomplishing something, huh?

Sinus infection, sore throat, booming headache and achy body go away!

Here's a few pics of our new den.




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