Trash to Treasure

Over the weekend I made a discovery. If you slow down when passing a yard sale you just might find a treasure. $5 treasures!


Check out this poor photo. My phone decided to pick this time to be too full to snap a good picture. The nice owner crammed them in the back of my daughter's SUV for me and it's a good thing because they are solid wood and heavy!


What you can't see is that they are a velvety red color (the cushion) and in need of a little recovering. Nothing at all was wrong with the chairs. They are sturdy and loaded with potential. I knew they would come in handy, somewhere.

So, my next stop was Hobby Lobby. I headed straight to the fabric and found a very expensive roll of fabric on sale for $10 a yard! So exciting!

I love how they turned out. I still have to make pillows for the backs but I'm thrilled with my bargain find. I plan to use them in my "staging" of my house.


Pretty, huh?


Yard sale love, y'all!

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