No Sleep For Me

I'm running on a low tank of gas today.  Last night hubby and I painted until 12:30am and when I finally fell into bed…..I hurt so badly that I couldn't fall asleep.


To add insult to my aching body….I think I blew up my hottub over the weekend.  I mean, what else could a kapow spooft sound mean?  Then add in a little smoke and the motor NOT RUNNING AT ALL ANYMORE?

Devil, don't get me down.

On a good note, the ugly brick wall in my kitchen along with all the trim is painted a fresh new color and all is right with the world in there.

happy cow

See how good life can be when you put troubles into perspective.  Even when you're living on only a few hours of sleep.  Life is still good!

all I do

Happy Friday eve, y'all!

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