This post goes out to the kid whose never been told NO! You're a real pain. Your attitude stinks and your indignant behavior is very unbecoming. You make it very hard for anyone to love you. I find myself struggling to be the kind of person Christ wants me to be when I'm around you. Your incessant arguing wears me down and your hateful words sting me even when I know that you're ignorant to the rules of proper behavior. You are a joykill!

I blame those who have never told you NO!

Maybe it was your parents. Or perhaps a grandparent. Either way, they've done you a huge disservice. Your behavior will only bring you more trouble and misery. If only you could see that now. Possibly you recognize it in the response you get from others when you're wound up with PROVING YOUR POINT. It takes the joy out of every conversation when you constantly focus on being a "know it all". If you were capable of having a normal conversation, that is. Mostly you just fuss and fight to get your way.

I feel sorry for you.

It's kids like you that I pray….."God, let this one choose the military!". The world doesn't revolve around you. Your demanding full attention in every situation will cease to exist in a world with ranking officers shaping your very existence. The days of holding up the group for your outlandish shenanigans ends when you fall into line beside fellow soldiers. There, you will have the chance to learn discipline and maybe even honor. Which seems to be a key ingredient missing in the person you are. When you honor something or someone, you respect it and nurture it….no matter what.

You need to learn honor.

So, kid whose never been told NO. Hear me out. You are going to face a multitude of situations in life that you aren't going to agree with. Learn now that it takes personal restraint to deal with them. Figure out how to "solve your problem" in a way that doesn't involve railroading over the person you are dealing with. Making good choices is an art. Get artistic and stop ruining life for everyone around you because you don't win. You're miserable and you're making everyone you meet feel the same way.

P.S. Learn that NO means no!

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