I’m Okay, Really

I know you've been wondering…


I've slept 3 nights without any of my children down the hall.

Im no

It's probably a good thing my house is under such a mess of construction.  It's kept me focused on something besides the fact that my kids are all grown.

poor me

When I wasn't expecting it….tears showed up to wash away the quiet.  They seem to come so easily now.

….and I'm no crybaby!

So, if you needed to know…

it is

Counting my blessings today.

1 – Smart & confident kids.

2 – Loving & amazing hubby.

3 – Great home & getting even better.

4 – Sweet friends & family that encourage me.

5 – Great jobs. (me & hubby)

6 – Happy pet.

7 – Wonderful future.

8 – Wedding anniversary in 1 week!  (24 years)

9 – The Colts won!

10 – It's fall!  My favorite season ever!

Dear God

It doesn't take much to remind me just how much YOU LOVE ME.  Thank you.


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