my time


I feel like all I do is hurry up and wait.  The house repairs are time-sucking and tedious.  I buy supplies, tools and more …. and then have to wait.  All the while thinking of all that still has to be done for a potential buyer to come inside and look at my house.

If I could do the jobs by myself, I would.  Hubby is stretched thin and working some long hours. The drive doesn't help either.  So renovating our castle all night is killing us both.  He's superman to me but every human has his limits.

So, time….it is a tickin' and the messes are a pilin'!

Darn jobs!  They really get in the way of getting stuff done, huh?

On a happy note:  Our girls visited yesterday and I went home with them for the evening.  Hubby stopped by to pick me up and we all had dinner together in their new apartment.  It was a great visit!  Filled up my mom tank!  There was only a little crying during the meal.  crying  We all miss each other and are struggling with the newness of being apart.

I heart my family!

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