I Can Make That

We have a running joke in our family….whenever we see something crafty or clever for sale someone will always say, "I can make that!".

Except, we never do!

Remember how simple life was before Pinterest?  Great DIY ideas are everywhere now thanks to the popularity of Pinterest.  Oh and handy bloggers too.  They've really helped catapult the desires to update and beautify our homes.

That's how I ended up with a new kitchen bar.  (still working on it, pics soon)

I've decided that I just need to quit my job so I can work on all the DIY projects that I find.  They are time-consuming.  I have a ton of cute stuff that I can't wait to do more than just Pin on my board online.

Like this –>

sparkle pic

I know the perfect place for this little beauty to go.  My girls' apartment!

This is going to happen, soon!  Hubby kept the beautiful beams out of our family room for the last 7 years and now we are repurposing them into one of these!!

kitch table

My heart skips a beat everytime I look at it.  Table love!  XOXO


I need this!  My tv is currently sitting on a mini computer desk with all it's wires and equipment piled up all over it.  Looks awful!  This little darlin' would clean up a multitude of sins.

After spending 35 minutes last night trying to untangle necklaces…I realized my storage methods might be lacking.  So, this will be my solution.


Hello, cutie!  Easy peasy, right?

chalk it

I love the look of these rustic chalkboard message boards but I refuse to pay the crazy prices they're going for in the store.  Even TJ Maxx has them but for $29.99?  No thanks.

I have no idea what my next house will look like but if I have to redo a bathroom….I want one of these.

bath sink

Oh Pinterest!  Stop it!  You're killing me!  But mostly, you're killing my hubby who is having a rough time keeping up with all my dream diy jobs.

Soon I'll post all the pictures of our goodies.  The bar, almost finished.  The table?  Ehh, it's on the horizon too.  I'm still recovering stuff and updating all that I can't stand looking at anymore.  It's all coming together at a snails pace but ON THE MARKET we go in the next few weeks.

Yippee!  Operation SELL THIS HOUSE is full speed ahead.

Happy DIY Friday to ya!  I'm off to spend another weekend doing "stuff" so I can move to another house to fix up.

Glad I can say….I can make that!

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