Yard Sale-ing

I've been out of sorts for the last 6 months for many reasons.  One of the biggest has been the stuff accumulating in my garage.

I park there.  Or at least I used to.  I love my garage.  Matter of fact, I never want a house that doesn't have the garage option…ever.  I live in Indiana for goodness sakes!  It gets snowy and icy here.  I have never had to scrape my windows or de-ice my vehicle in order to go someplace.  In my current living condition……I will possibly experience that in the near future.

Late last night one of my neighbors shot me a message to tell me another neighbor was having a YARDSALE this weekend.  Music to my stacked to the ceiling ears!  So, now the wheels of WORK WORK WORK are turning in my head and I have this goal of setting up tables and pushing my junk selling all that clutter!

It's going to be hard work but I'm willing to do it.  I even invited another friend to join me who lives in the country and has trouble getting customers out her way.  Since we both work all week long our participation will have to be on Saturday only.

Here's to cleaning out that garage and making a little money off of the "stuff" no one wants anymore.

10 Tips For a Successful YARDSALE

1 – ADVERTISE  (or join in with your neighbors sale)

2 – BE ORGANIZED & CLEAN (keep like items in groups)

3 – PRICE FAIRLY (people will not pay what your item is worth) be willing to barter.

4 – STAGE ITEMS (setting tables with dishes, or furniture placement attracts shoppers)

5 – GUARD YOUR MONEY (don't leave your money box, ever)

6 – BE FRIENDLY (people are not always friendly back…but be nice anyway)

7 – HANG CLOTHES UP (if you have nicer clothing, display it as a store would)

8 – GIVE UP SENTIMENTALITY (if you are selling stuff you love….decide before you put it out there to LET IT GO!)

9 – HAVE HELP (don't try to manage a busy sale alone…two heads/bodies are better than one)

10 – BE READY EARLY (no matter how many languages you say NO EARLY BIRDS, there will always be those who come before your start time)  Be ready.

Good luck!  It's the perfect season for a successful yardsale, don't ya think?



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