Stainless Steel Obsession

I'm clearly a person with many obsessions.  I get into things that just consume me: Downton Abbey, Strawberry Limeades, remodeling, clean laundry, my family and stainless steel countertops.

I'm obsessed!

I lay awake at night remodeling a house that I don't even live in yet.  I see visions of what I want in my next house and I can't stop thinking about it.  Look for yourself.  See I'm mad about this look.

must have

If I had to pick a kitchen….this sucker is the one!  I want everything in it.  I'll even keep the green dishes.

my counter

That counter!  That farm sink!  Pure loveliness!  Kiss kiss kiss it.  Hug it too!  I love it!


Oh the whole package again.  The floors, the island, the doors/windows.  Magnificent.

It's settled!  Wherever I go.  Wherever I live…I must have a kitchen like one of these.  Can you imagine?

Me and my crazy obsessions!

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