Gluttony by Yardsale

My heart is in a constant state of molding and I'm glad.  Who knew a yardsale could reveal how easily we fall into a state of gluttony?  Not just gluttony for stuff but for a lack of or boasting of our faith.

Perhaps you're walking a little closer to the edge than I am.  I don't know.  I bet that you (if you search your heart) can admit to being a hoarder with your faith just like me.

I take my faith for granted all the time and I'm really good at ignoring God until I really need him.  Just like the boxes of clothes that I unpacked this weekend….I store up "junk" needlessly and waste what He gives me.

I thank God for the pick-me-up through the hard work of a yardsale this weekend.  I learned a great lesson about being a better steward of my heart and my stuff.  Holding onto things needlessly only clutters what should be free.

I don't want to be a faith/trust glutton anymore.  Do you?

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