Don’t Cancel On Me Ex Realtor

I'm not even going to sugarcoat this….I'm mad!  I'm completely over the top frustrated.  Who cancels a house showing 15 minutes before arrival time?  Evidently the people who really want my house (who admitted that she was an ex realtor).  Huh?  Say what?

After working like a madman all day Sunday, Monday night and all day again on Tuesday (yes, it was that bad) and barely making it out the door in time for the appointed showing time….I realized I had 4 missed calls from our realtor.

Oh no!  Not a cancellation!!!

Sadly, it was just that.  I admit I felt burning hot mad and thought about losing my cool.  Then the Lord gently reminded me that all of the work had to be done and for my hubby and me….we need deadlines.


We've been killing ourselves working every night after working all day at real jobs and what we really needed was a long day off to GET EVERYTHING DONE for good.  Now, it's finished.  We can focus on showing it whenever we get the call.  There are still a few important jobs to finish –> painting the newly drywalled storage room, cleaning out the garage, painting the back porch railings and maybe painting the family room ceiling.  All of these jobs are do-able over the next week or so without killing our old and aching bodies.

In the meantime, I'm going to strut my bad self around in my awesomely cleaned and spruced up house.  It looks amazing!!

It's really making me sad that I'm selling it.  I am selling it, right?

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