10 Reasons I Love Being 46

I'm having a birthday soon.  October 12th is fast approaching and I'm not even flipping out like I probably should be.  I'm cool with living another year of this life.  It's been good to me and as long as God wants to keep me here with the ones that I love….I'm happy to oblige!

I've thought a little about being 46 and I realize that much of what I enjoy about life stems directly from the fact that I'm here at this age and not a young chick anymore.

I love being 46 because…

1 –  I don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore.

2 –  I've gotten way better with age.

3 –  I like myself so much more now than I did when I was young (and even skinny)

4 –  I have more fun and worry much less.

5 –  I've figured out how to slow down and take it easy.  And I like it.

6 –  My hubby thinks I'm totally a 10!  And I believe him.

7 –  My kids rise up and call me blessed.

8 –  I can afford to enjoy life more now.

9 –  Being attractive to other's has a whole new meaning.  It's not about being perfect either.

10 –  I'm able to make mature decisions because I've lived through some wing-dingers and survived to tell about it.

Growing older isn't all bad.  Matter of fact, I like the trip God has set me on.  It's been full of lessons, love and try again's.  I'm putting all that to good use too.  Instead of letting it beat me up and make me miserable….I'm using it to find what really makes me happy and doing it ON PURPOSE!

So, what do you like about being ______?

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