It’s ONLY Wednesday?

I'm pooped!  I'm no fun this way either.  My good intentions to live awesomely, foiled…by real world problems called work.  Some days it's just stressful!

The bullying lifestyle that has become so widely spread these days have turned schools into "training" and fine-tuning programs.  Teachers are out for conferences on how to spot and deal with bullying everywhere.  My own school is focused on this training all through the month of October.  For me that means I'm subbing in classes all over my school's building 3 days a week all month.  Yesterday, I didn't have time to even use the restroom.

I was running all day.

If I'm not careful….I could fall into the trap of feeling burnt out and resentful.  Especially when unruly or ill-behaved students are in my classes and I'm uber hungry.  Isn't it funny how we get comfortable in our "spots"?

All I know is that it's a shame when you wake up and think….IT'S ONLY WEDNESDAY?

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