Shopping + Daughters = Bonding

I get it, not everyone loves shopping.

Once I was in a big department store and a lady one aisle over from me was holding up clothes to her 2 teen daughters who were MISERABLE.  First thing I noticed were the scowling faces and  crossed arms.  Nothing she said or showed them was acceptable.  At one point I even heard screaming tears (yes, you can hear those) and one of them fell on the floor!  ON THE FLOOR OF THE STORE!!  Like a little kid would do.  Teenage girls, not babies!  Both of them were so openly awful.  At the time I remember thinking of all the parenting techniques I would've been FORCED to try to rectify their bad attitudes ( you know, that –> I can judge you lady because it's not my kids acting crazy!) 

Then God lovingly reminded me…..NOT EVERYONE LOVES SHOPPING!!  {weirdos}

Yesterday, (my sweet girl) Ally came to town for a dentist appointment and afterwards came by to see me.  At the same time my ladies Bible study group got cancelled and I decided I'd ride back to "the city" with her for some retail therapy.  Shopping has been slim since they moved out especially with my girls.  So a chance to squeal wheelies with a shopping cart…I took it!

I'm really happy that my girls enjoying shopping and that they love doing it with me.  Each of us have our own personal preferences when it comes to clothes and shoes but for the most part we have similar tastes in what we choose.  I never try to wear what my daughters are wearing.  I can, however borrow or share some things if I'm very careful.  I don't want to be that mom who tries to dress like a teenager.  Blech!

Remember, I'm glad to be 47!

Shopping isn't all that I have in common with my girls.  I think I enjoy pretty much everything with them.  They're fun & make me laugh and remind me NOT TO TAKE MYSELF TOO SERIOUSLY!  I love being their mom and I'm glad they "allow" me to bond with them in our favorite stores.

I'm also glad my hubby doesn't mind us spending his moola!!  




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