Dumb Phone

I had a tiny love affair with my iphone.  It wasn't anything to get concerned with, really.  I just loved it.  Until it started acting a little funny and not performing like it was supposed to.  That began the dreaming of a new, better and much more improved cell phone.

My hubby's favorite subject…  NEW – BETTER – IMPROVED – CELL PHONE

Once he realized I was over Apple and it's little head games….he pounced on the opportunity to knock my socks off with a fancy Android phone.  I'm not complaining.  I was ready too.  I wanted a new phone and I certainly didn't want to upgrade with another iphone.  Sorry Apple lovers!

I jumped in with both feet and a positive attitude when the lady handed me my shiny new white Samsung Galaxy S3.  I loved it!  It was bigger than my old phone (so I could see it without having to stretch it to Jesus) and it seemed sleek and sophisticated.  Which it is….but.

From the very get-go it's behaved a little out of line.  Which to people who consider themselves phone "experts" and that tends to be every member of my family EXCEPT me!  All the twerks (not the dance move) seemed to point to me, USER ERRORS!  Until…

Until this past week when after getting so frustrated with the phone not sending my MMS photos in text messages I called Verizon for help.  Sherry, my trusty helper on the phone solved my problem by reassuring me it was not user error but a flaw in the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Oh really?  A flaw?  Hmm, you mean I'm not stupid and misusing my cellphone?  Hrmph!  Who'da thunk it?

So, for the suffering…..the mental frustration and the total madness of not being able to send a stinkin' picture or a message to pretty much anybody, I forgive you HUBBY!  I forgive you for thinking I was some sort of ding-bat who couldn't text and send pictures without turning them into videos.  I will get over all the snarky comments and the mean looks when I complained.

Yea, I will.  So, when my NEW PHONE arrives…..I will send you a picture with my smiling face in a text message and I want you to remember it wasn't me it was the DUMB PHONE!!!

One more thing.  Heaven.  Heaven will not have cell phones.  I know this because even our Lord would cringe at the qwerks of these phones.  It's hard to be blameless when your all hopped up on mad cell phone rage.


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