Because I can't stop myself from jumping on a "gotta have it" bus….I am now insanely convinced that I need a quilt cabinet.  (Sorry Honey!)  Last night I couldn't sleep.  Not because I was tossing & turning from caffeine or over stimulation….but because my poor hubby was outside after midnight sanding and sawing my GOTTA HAVE IT new bed!  If he doesn't say no soon, I may wear him out permanently!

Oh who am I kidding.  He's just as crazy obsessed with making new treasures as I am.

I cannot reveal any photos yet but I promise when I do….you are going to want one too!  I'll give you this little tiny hint — The Viva Terra Gustavian bed.  Okay, that was big.  If you Google it and I know you will, you are going to see what is happening at my house every night.  Build it, babe!!!

Back to the quilt cabinet.

In my search for new bedding, I found several gorgeous cabinets that would make my dreams come true.  Like this —>

green quilt

Looky looky!  Isn't it lovely?  The shabby green, the windows, the skinny tallness…..I am crazy about it!

This next one is a bit shabby glam and I have no problem claiming it as my own.  Even though it lives in some other lady's house.  Hate her.



Aye yaye yaye!  So pretty.  See why I think I need one?

floor cab


Oh the simple pretty of this.  I can't find anything I don't like about it.  Maybe I need one in every room of my house.  Excessive, I know.


Okay, enough is enough!  I won't torture you anymore.  Just note, I want a quilt cabinet.  Along with all sorts of handmade items.  Several of these have been repurposed cabinets and I could certainly go for that as well.  However, when I show my wood magic handed hubby….he says, "Oh I can make that easy!".

His mistake!

Still on his to-do list?


Oh yea, it is mine!!!  Quilts, beds, tables, entry coat racks/benches….oh and my dining table!!  Coming soon!

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