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So much of what I read on social media is conflicting.

Sexy selfies.

Angry ex lash outs.

Sad admittances.

Dirty jokes or thoughts.

Scripture verses from folks who openly live like hell.

Relationship woes.

Brags of awesomeness.


Joy filled experiences.

What's for dinner.

Bored or Tired or Happy or Sad or Lonely or Ticked.

Good news.  Bad news. 

The thoughts and posts are endless.  Over the weekend, I had the heaviest heart because of reading about the lives of my friends on Facebook.  Some of them are hurting so badly and the only place they have to unload it is on their Facebook or Twitter feeds.

I have probably shared more than was necessary myself on an occasion or two.  For the most part, I try very hard to be kind and uplifting while at the same time honest.  I've made some dumb mistakes along the way and for that I am reminded…..God's grace is sufficient for me.

How can I be a better friend to those I see hurting on social media?  How can I set a positive example for them?  Is my life so out of touch that I can't relate in many of the instances?  Does my feeling burdened for them say more about me than it does them?  Heck, I don't know.  All I do know is that if used right social media can really open your eyes and heart to the people hurting and needing of prayer and love.

Instead of shaking my head when I read something racy or saucy — I'm making an extra effort to love and pray for them.  You can do the same!

Our world of influence doesn't have to stop with just our families.

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