Stinging Heart

I went to bed thinking about my mother last night.  Some days are just like that.  Death from our earthly bodies feels so permanent but the truth is that it's only the beginning for the believer in Christ.  Even knowing my mother is in heaven I still miss her and wish to speak with her…just one more time.

I woke up this morning to a text from a friend that another friend had passed away during the night.  My heart squeezed with ache for the family of this sweet lady.  She was married to one of my favorite co-workers who just happens to be one of (all 3) my children's favorite teacher.  The news felt like a heavy weight thrown into my chest.  By the time I made it to school the entire staff was feeling the same horrible feeling.

How do you say sorry and it feel adequate enough for the circumstance?

I'm sad, torn apart for the entire family.  I know they love Jesus and they trust Him with every detail but their hearts must be shattered.  My friend lost his wife — the mother of his 4 beautiful daughters.  My neighbor lost her sweet sister.  A whole family is changed forever.

Death….your sting we feel.  But God….we hold tight to your promise of eternity and we long to see you there.

Perhaps you're like me in that you buzz through your day and hurry along conquering this & that.  I feel it's a perfect time to remind you (and me) stop and share your love and heart with those you care for.  Tell the people you know need to hear that you love them and that they are important to you.

Tomorrow may be too late…


Thank you for the life of Michelle.  Her lovingkindness will always be how I remember her.  Wrap your arms around her family, bless them….hold them and blanket them with your love & peace as they face a future very different from what they had planned.  Your ways are not our ways but WE TRUST YOU!  Help us trust you more.


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