House Shopping Blues

I'm going house shopping tomorrow.  I'm really nervous!  For the last few months I have scoured the internet, driven miles around Indianapolis and prayed that God would give me JUST THE RIGHT HOUSE for me.  Then, last night my hubby thought he'd share the good news of his boss' home purchase with me and my whole world went to pot.

I mean, really?

holy batman

No human on the earth could stop themself from being a little jealous!  This isn't a house, it's a compound!  It's gorgeous and it couldn't have been purchased by a more wonderful family.  I celebrate with them!  Especially if they invite me over to watch a movie now & then or maybe some Colts football in that theatre room.  Wowzers!

movies baby


Meanwhile back at the drawing board….I shop for a sensible house for me and my feller to call home.  Ya know, one where I can afford to pay the electric bill and make a car payment on a good used car?!  haha!  I'm grateful for all the ways God has blessed me and this move is one of the most exciting I've had in a long time.

Here's a sneak peek of what I'm going to look at tomorrow.

house for me

I can see me here.  Can't you?  It has just enough square footage to hold my junk stuff and it's close enough to hubby's office to make us both happy.  I love the colors inside and the privacy fenced yard but one of the best things about it is this awesome sunroom.

awesome sunroom for time with God

I know it's tiny but look at all the windows….I have a crazy love affair with windows.  I could really get my R & R in here.  I can't wait to see it in person.

Really, the only complaint that I can voice right now (before I see it in person) is the fact that it is in a tight neighborhood.  I was hoping for a little more space (like I have now) and not a cookie cutter lifestyle like so many neighborhoods in Indy are.

Still, I'm not going to complain because I plan to stay home and staying in a decent price range is going to afford that luxury.  So, neighborhood… I come!

Pray for us as we make some big decisions for our future, y'all!  Stay tuned!

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