Don’t Make Plans

We received a bit of bad news yesterday that threw us for a loop regarding the sale of our house.  After weeks of negotiating, back & forth forms to be signed and finally reaching a deal ( a fair one for both parties ) our house appraisal came in almost $10,000 dollars below our sell price.

It was sickening!


I wish I could say that I, A PERSON OF REALLY DEEP FAITH held on tight to God's promises and kept my cool.

Nope!  Didn't happen!


I flipped!  I immediately thought of all the terrible ways this low price was going to affect me.  I doomed my life to sheer misery and it hadn't even happened yet.  I even let the news ruin my night of watching the COLTS win a tough game!

see faith

Knowing what I know about my Lord and I still fell flat into a cloud of distrust!  A definite reminder to all who know me….don't follow me, I'm on a dangerous course of carrying my own struggles (like I can handle it)!


After sleeping it off (Joy really does come in the morning) I have a little different perspective this morning.  Even with the low appraisal which now alters our sale price and obviously throws all our previous buy decisions out the window….I know GOD HAS A PERFECT PLAN FOR A PERFECT TIME!

I'm not equipped to run this show, but God is.  I'm just going to step to the side and let Him do His work.  All I'm doing is getting in the way and the stress of trying to handle it all is TOO MUCH for me to handle!


It is yours.  I am not big enough, smart enough nor am I worthy enough to make my own blessings in this life.  Thank you for handling me with such grace.  Help us, trust you more!


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