Movin’ On Suckers


my new house yall

I'm so excited!  I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.  It's the one with the sunroom that I shared a few posts back.  I love it!

family room

This is what the family room looked like before they listened to some professional house seller and painted the entire house NEUTRAL!  It's much prettier with color on the walls (to me).  I can't wait to make all of the personal changes that will make it mine.

First on my list?

wood floors

These dark beauties!  Right now, the house is full of carpeting.  Someone else's carpet.  Wood floors will transform this already beautiful house into just what I'm dreaming of.

I had a funny feeling the house would sell if we didn't make an offer on it pronto.  Imagine my nerves when our realtor sent us a text yesterday informing us that they recieved our offer and were countering back at full price because SOMEONE ELSE had the nerve to put in an offer the same weekend?!!

We were first!  Thank you Jesus!

So, after losing a chunk of money on our own house sell….we bought our new house at full price too.  However, I'm not complaining!  I'm happy that I have a house to sell and that it has sold and I'm even more happy that God gave me such a great new house to move into!


All the moving details are still unknown!


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