Crank Up the Pressure

I can't wait to get off the rollercoaster of buying & selling a house or two houses.  Yesterday's happy post about buying a house may have just crumbled to the ground.  Looks like we have a slight set-back of sorts.

That's what I'm choosing to call it since our lender DENIED us our new home loan.

don't worry

Otherwise, I'll be buried under the weight of worry!  I admit…I'm still freaking out over the possibility of losing the house we thought we just bought.  However…

he will help

I plan to stick close to His promises and trust that in spite of a little bad news….joy comes in the morning!

Jesus knows

I don't want something that God doesn't want for me.  While it's hard to let go of what I "think" is best for me, I do trust Him that He has a perfect plan.

So, my family could use prayer.

Trusting You Lord for You are Worthy & Mighty!

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