The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I have some good news and some bad.  The good news is that the house problems?  Handled!

god has it

In spite of my flaming ulcer inducing fretting yesterday….God had a better plan all along!  I LOVE HIM!!


I know better than to try putting Him in a box of "it's hopeless"!  His ways are so mighty and His provision is always the best way.


Now on to the bad news…

I think I have shingles!  Yea, those pesky little blisters and seething sharp pains.  I noticed yesterday that I felt funny and by last night when I stepped into the shower I felt the stinging blisters on my face.  The pain was shooting straight into my right eye!  Ouch!

This morning I had my "school doc" aka Nurse Amy look me over and she is pretty much sure that I have shingles!

Ahhh, man!

Jumping hurdles.  Day to day……bobbing & weaving.  But TRUSTING GOD!!!  He's got this too!

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