I'm really excited that this week is finally here.  No, not because of Black Friday either.  I'm stoked for Thanksgiving!  My whole family is, it's our favorite meal all year long.

This year, I'm adding in a few new things.  Appetizers!

We wait all day long for the food to get finished and practically starve to death…so I thought I'd throw in a couple goodies to hold us over.  Strictly for low blood sugar reasons, ya know.

I'm definitely making these –>

Garlic Chicken Cheese Puffs

and some of that  –> Shrimp Cocktail (of course)

and perhaps something for my NON CHEESE loving hubby!  I don't want to fill everyone up just give them a little something to enjoy while we wait.

Got any ideas?  I'm open for suggestions.  Until then, I wish you a great 3 day week wherever you are!

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