Cornbread’ll Kill You

I made a huge pot of soup this weekend and forgot to make cornbread.  That's a no-no in my hubby's mind.  He loves to crumble it up and turn his bowl of soup into a big mushy delicacy.

Oooo, I have to look away!

Last night I served the soup again and this time made the cornbread.  As we chatted and slurped, I somehow sucked some dry cornbread down my windpipe/lungs/life-giving & taking hole and for the first time in my old lady life realized just how easy it is to KILL YOURSELF BY CHOKING!!!

I coughed and coughed, nothing!  I tried everything to get it dislodged from wherever it was hiding and wreaking havoc.  I seriously felt like this was how I was going to check into glory.  With watery eyes & nose….I coughed for the rest of the night and my chest rattled like I had a killer case of bronchitis.  This morning, I sound like a smoker and still have the congested chest thing going on.

I am suffering.  So, if you ever wondered (which I'm 99.9 % sure you haven't) if you can die by cornbread inhalation….the jury is still out.  If you don't hear from me over the next few days there is a possibility that the cornbread won!

Happy Tuesday/Thursday folks!  Don't forget to be thankful as you rush around preparing goodies for your loved ones!  I'll be loving it all and watching the snow fall here in Indiana!

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