Dog Dreamin’

I blame my hubby for my current bout of morning exhaustion.  Clearly, his waving the 2014 Ducks Unlimited calendar in my face last night as I was about to head to bed affected my REM.  Since our beloved lab Maggie passed away a few years ago our home just hasn't been the same.  The addition of our son's mixed lab pup Gracie filled our hearts in a great way but she was never really ours.  Especially since he moved out and took her with him to live the batchelor life.  Moment of silence.


Our hearts beat hard for a new lab.

The pictures in the calendar are phenomenal of course.  Beautiful, trained and poised labs loaded down with hunting gear and glistening from the water and lighting have a way of igniting that fire from within.  Neither of us needed the reminder of our love for all things lab.  But this flip through the candy store calendar got both our desires rustled.

stop it stop it

So, this is where my lack of good sleep comes in to play.  It seems that in my dreaming last night, I spent the majority of my time hanging out with Nana (and no, she wasn't my Nana….I don't know who's Nana she was) and Nana had a whole kennel full of Labradors.  She drove a huge Suburban and all of our time together revolved around caring for all these dogs.  Mainly, me caring for them.  (Sounds like the Holy Spirit working, huh?)  She would drive up to the kennel compound and I would get out and help the big furry dogs out of the car and take them into their beds for the night.  The whole ordeal took forever because these were mellow laid back dogs who took their sweet time doing anything.  The Nana, she just sat in her big Suburban and watched while I did all the lab corraling.

I woke up dead dog tired!

The funny thing is….I still want a lab!

truck full

I mean really……look at them!

3 labs

Somebody slap the check out of my hand!!!  I'm too tired to do it myself!

maggie                                      Our sweet MAGGIE!!!


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