Baby Bites

giant burger


You know those restaurants that are famous for their BIG something or another that challenges their customers to "eat it all" at one sitting?  Well, that's how I'm feeling about my house packing.  I took a little nibble last night and began packing the main upstairs bathroom.  I wasn't prepared for the linen closet.  It was packed full of 12 years worth of stuff.   I started pulling out sheets for beds I don't even own anymore and then I found endless cosmetic bottles 3/4 full.  After only working about an hour….I had to walk away!

I was teetering on the edge of a panic attack!

I have a friend who literally shuts down when her family has to move.  Over the years they have experienced some not so pleasant situations involving moving.  I can't even count how many times they've loaded up and unloaded.  So, I certainly understand her stress.  She would completely sympathize with me right now especially with my move being at Christmas time.

Moving is hard!

After I took a break…I went back in and really got busy packing.  I sorted through piles of garbage, created tons of bags for Goodwill and boxed up the treasured items I knew I would need in my new house.  The mess was just a taste of what kind of work awaits me.  I realized pretty quickly that if I'm going to survive this move…I am going to have to pace myself.

Every day, pack something!  Right?

Baby bites….

pack it up



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