Weirdness At It’s Best

I'm weird!  Nothing about me is normal.  I say all the time — THAT I WANT TO BE NORMAL.  People just look at me and shrug.

I do things that surprise even me…..all the time.

Once, okay…more than once I've ordered fitness magazines with the intention of getting into shape only to leave them laying around to collect dust and eventually get tossed out.  I bring this up because I just came across an offer for a runner's magazine on sale over on another blog and I TOTALLY GOT EXCITED to order it until I remembered how pathetic I am about following through with actual fitness stuff!  I clicked away!

On my drive to school this morning (I was running late of course) I noticed that I forgot to put on my wedding ring before I left the house.  Immediately, I felt naked and thought of all the negative feelings I'd feel all day without my beautiful ring on my finger.  I love to borrow trouble!

I was running late because I spent way too long searching for a blue scarf to go with my outfit for school.  In my head, I planned out what I'd wear all based on this one scarf!  Not a good idea to do that when you're a little disorganized and crunched for time.  I left home frustrated and feeling insecure about what I looked like without the scarf to finish the outfit.  I think about crazy stuff, I know.

I don't have time for coffee in the mornings (at home) so I grab a cup when I get to school and get settled in for class.  The only way I'll even drink coffee is with a honking serving of sweet creamer.  If the box of Vanilla creamer is empty…I put my cup back on the shelf and move along.  Most days it's all there but every once in a while I get no coffee.  This morning….since I was late all the coffee was gone and I had to make a fresh pot.  The craziest part about all this coffee stuff is that I only drink a half of a cup!  No kidding around.  I fill my cup barely 1/2 full and then I only drink part of that.  Why bother right?

Weird.  I can't escape it.

The deeper I get into this life of mine the more I see how weird being a Christian is to the world.  It seems if you lean hard on Christ that you are missing out on all the fun to be had by living free willy.  I couldn't disagree more.  The way I see it…..if following Jesus is weird then I am going full-on weird and DOING IT LIKE A BOSS!  After this past week's many car accidents and deaths in my community…I can't see any other way of coping and handling the tragedies without God's help.  Call me weird, I don't care.

I'm hoping to be the weirdest of weirds for JESUS!

What's weird about you?

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