Wait For It

thank you GodI felt inspired yesterday to "get dressed" and journey outside of my own walls.  I had some errands to run and decided that going out into my new world would help me stop feeling so blue.  Immediately, I felt better.  Putting on makeup does stuff to your inside more than your out (or so I believe).

One of my most important stops was the beauty supply store for hair color ingredients.  Big city living provides plenty of variety but the driving to and fro searching as other drivers who know where they're going zip in and around you….a little scary.  I noticed a Goodwill on my left and thought I'd whip in and look for any tossed out furniture that I could drag home.  There wasn't a parking place to be found in the entire parking lot.  Finally after driving around and around….a guy came out to leave.  I sat there patiently behind him waiting as he buckled up and put it in gear.  As soon as he pulled out and I went to pull in….out of the blue, this little car floors it and zips into my spot.  I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting her and out of reflex, I honked my horn.  I stopped and looked at her as she jumped out of her car and threw her hands in the air laughing.

Yea, here's where I leave out all the fleshly thoughts I had in my head.

She was an older lady who knew exactly what she was doing.  My hubby suggested that she didn't see me….but she saw me.  She just chose to be a jerk!  I was fuming.  The truth is that I wanted to confront her and say something (cause I'm a deeply mature Christian).  She ran into the store and busied herself trying to avoid me….so as I browsed around, the Lord gently reminded me, "She TOOK her blessing!"  Instead of letting God bless her…she went out and got it on her own.

In my experience, blessings are never as good…..as when they come straight from GOD!

So, I shopped and left feeling that my blessing….was a coming!

I ran into the mall, found some cute things for my girls, grabbed a Starbucks (on my giftcard from my friends at JCHS) and headed out to get home.  I found my hair coloring store and when I went to pay the girls working said, "Oh, you've got a free product coming your way.  Pick out one of those large bottles to take home with you!".  Wow, thank you!  I remembered my promised blessing and thanked God.  Who doesn't love getting something awesome for free?

It had started to sleet and rain pretty hard so I scooted on down the busy road and thought about the buns I still needed to get from the store for the meatball subs.  I admit, I didn't want to stop….again.  The weather was cruddy and I'm taking baby steps in my feeling complete confidence running around in this big town.  But, dinner.  I had to get the darned buns.  So, I stopped at Whole Foods (don't hate, potate) and as soon as I got up to the doors a man hopped in his car and pulled out.  THE VERY FIRST PARKING SPOT RIGHT BY THE DOOR!!!!  Like, right by the doors!  All I had to do was step out of my warm car and take 4 steps total and I was inside grocery store paradise!  Uhm, blessing again!  I smiled remembering how much God pours….and I slather!

I made it home and started dinner.  I turned on my computer and noticed a ton of notices on Facebook with me tagged in them.  I clicked on it to find a sweet post by my son about marriage.  The words written from his heart touched my very soul.  I cried.  Good tears (cause, you know…I cry at the slightest these days).  Does it matter what happens in your marriage?  YES!  Does it affect your kids?  YES!  Are they watching? YES!  Is it worth fighting for? YES YES & YES!

His words:  ~~ > I see all these blog posts being shared about marriage, and it just makes me wonder about what people thought marriage was when they grew up. I've always known that I had great parents, but it isn't until now that I realize just how important it was for my parents to love each other and not just their kids. I had a beautiful example of what marriage should be growing up. It's just now obvious since a lot of people don't automatically recognize what you're supposed to do once thrown into that covenant. Anywho, I'm just saying that I'm glad I learned about marriage from a marriage and not a blog about marriage.

Blessings.  Wait for them.  They will come.  They are stacked up and ready for you.  Only, let God do the doling out!  Don't go making your own blessings.  They are worth waiting for.  I promise!


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